Public Safety

#TogetherWeCan be the safest city in North Carolina.

I know that public safety is on the minds of all residents no matter where they live. I am committed to making Greensboro the safest city in North Carolina for everyone.

Our police and fire departments’ primary goal is keeping our city and our residents safe. In order to make this happen, they need to be funded for continuous training and problem-solving skills. In addition they must be equipped with the necessary equipment and the staffing required to achieve that goal.  In order to attract and retain the best and the brightest we must offer competitive wages and benefits.

I have immersed myself in this very important issue. I have met with communities impacted by crime and spoken with parents who have lost their children to violence.  I regularly talk with our Police Chief. I talk with our officers,  detectives and firefighters.  I’ve gone to the communications center and listened to 911 calls and watched how they are dispatched. I’ve even spent time with trauma surgeons at Cone Health and talked with them about the very real challenges they face.

I’ve ridden with police to the scene of a shooting, talked with them about the tools they need and spoke with the neighbors about what we can do to increase their safety. Public safety is a partnership.

I have used this information to implement better policies, secure equipment and tools to make our public safety officers more efficient and worked in neighborhoods to directly address their needs.

Our police and fire departments were the first in the state to be nationally accredited for excellence.

As your mayor, I know that I must invest my time and do the work  learning the complexities of an issue.  I know that you cannot  dictate policy in a vacuum.

Greensboro Police Officers Association

June 16, 2021

Mayor Nancy Vaughan,

This letter is to formally notify you that the Greensboro Police Officers Association and its approximately 600 members would like to offer our endorsement for your mayoral re-election campaign.

During your time as Mayor of the City of Greensboro, you have been fully dedicated to the public safety of our citizens. This has been demonstrated through your ongoing support of the Chief of Police, police officers, and necessary police reform.  Your leadership in this area, as well as many others, will benefit Greensboro now and into the future.

Please consider this letter as our official endorsement and good luck in your upcoming election. We will encourage our members to cast their votes for you.


The Greensboro Police Officers Association

Jobs and Economic Development

#TogetherWeCan raise the wage

I am committed to attracting and retaining quality jobs for our residents.  Jobs that pay livable wages and that gives a person sense of satisfaction that they are doing something worthwhile.

I know that past investments are paying off.  I know that in this post pandemic economy we are uniquely situated for job growth and expansion. Studies have shown companies and individuals are putting a greater emphasis on quality of life issues.  That they are considering affordability, population density, diversity, schools, healthcare, sustainability and recreation activities.  We are competitive in all of those areas.

As people continue to work remotely, cities like Greensboro, are an attractive fit.  People and companies are considering the cost of living and affordability.  Strategic investments in our parks and recreation department, the coliseum complex, the Tanger Performing Arts Center, our greenways and trails, museums, the Greensboro Science Center and our infrastructure make Greensboro a great place to call home.

One of the most powerful economic development tools that we have is our robust roadway system. Our infrastructure helps make Greensboro a leading logistics hub in the Southeast United States.

These investments have led to the development of two regional megasites which will enable us to attract advanced manufacturing employers. These potential employers will meet a ready, willing and well-trained workforce.


#TogetherWeCan end homelessness

Everyone deserves safe, affordable housing.  That’s not a slogan, it’s just a fact.

Some of the hardest phone calls I answer as mayor, are from people  who are about to lose their housing.  It could be due to a variety of factors; job loss, rent increases, health issues, bankruptcy  or failure to pay.  There are usually two issues at play,  income and availability of housing.

Availability and diversity of housing options continue to be a chronic issue shared by most growing cities.  The 2016 Affordable Housing Bond has had a significant impact on providing affordable housing units for those living under the 80% average median income.  We were able to leverage taxpayer dollars with significant private sector investment.

One of the most successful parts of the bond package is our  down payment assistance program for first time homebuyers.  This program is based on income and targeted in our redevelopment areas.  Our goal was to increase neighborhood stabilization and to help working people build generational wealth.  It was called #100Homes.  To date, we have closed on over 600 loans.

In 2018 we initiated a ten year housing study.  The results were delayed to factor in COVID  impacts.  It highlighted the need for housing across the financial spectrum but especially for those living below 30% AMI and how to tackle the difficult issue of homelessness.  Permanent supportive housing, rapid rehousing  and housing first programs can help us end homelessness within our city.

I have taken a hard line on substandard housing and landlords who make money at the expense of working poor. I have demanded the collection of fines and penalties, strengthened our minimum housing standards, supported our housing partners and worked to improve our housing stock.

I called for the 2016 bonds and I support the proposed 2021 Housing bond.  Housing is economic development.  Housing is public safety.  Housing is healthcare.  Housing is just.

Visit Housing GSO to learn more.

Quality of Life

Greensboro has always been known for its exceptional quality of life, and Nancy knows that in order for Greensboro to thrive in the future, this must continue to be a priority. Greensboro is known as “Tournament Town”, and we continue to enjoy the contributions of the Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro Aquatics Center, and the Wyndham Golf Tournament.

As Mayor, I have played a major role in bringing new additions to our community, such as LeBauer Park, the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, and the National Folk Festival. Under her leadership, Greensboro is now looked upon as an ideal venue for projects and events such as these that will ensure Greensboro’s outstanding quality of life for generations to come.